With a special focus on the fact that sedentary lifestyles are causing potential dangers to our physical health, eight out of ten office workers are suffering from debilitating back pain caused by physical strains, poor body mechanics (improper posture, e.g. slouching in an office chair), prolonged activity, repetitive motions and fatigue. Both professional statistics and the everyday experience of many office workers prove that human body is not designed for sedentary lifestyle and that back pain is an incredibly common problem in the office, often leading to more dire consequences. Addressing the disorders of the muscular and skeletal systems of office workers (neck disorders, back disorders, shoulder disorders, disorders of soft tissue – muscle knots, muscle tension and contractions, circulatory disorders, overuse disorders, respiratory disorders), Zvezdana creates individual programs and unique balance-driven exercises to correct muscular imbalance with strengthening of both core muscles (abdominal muscles, back muscles and the muscles around the pelvis) and overall flexibility and wellbeing.

The philosophy of Active Care was born out of the need to treat patients who had sustained injury through inappropriate exercise. Therefore, in Active Care we pay particular attention on designing individualized courses of fitness training and restoration practice that focus in providing the client with an injury-free environment while meeting all exercise goals. This is the reason why at Active Care we focus on one-on-one sessions with our clients. At Active Care we have made it our prime commitment to offer you a safe and effective training using state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Whatever your age or fitness levels are, and whether your exercise goal is to lower your blood pressure, reduce glucose-stimulated insulin, decrease resting heart rate, increase HDL cholesterol, decrease total cholesterol, decrease body and vascular fat, loose weight, reshape your body, gain muscles, get rid of pain in the shoulders, lower back and knees or simply feel healthy and energized, our experienced training personnel will create a program suitable just for you. 

Our Physical Education and Fitness Professional will:

  • Take a detailed medical history
  • Create personal fitness assessment 
  • Provide detailed guidance before starting the first training session
  • Listen and adapt to all your needs and goals
  • Develop a program that fits into your lifestyle
  • Personally supervise your progress
  • Guide you throughout all necessary training sessions as you proceed from a beginner to an advanced training program

 Apart from simply losing weight and getting in shape, Zvezdana specializes on:

  • Postural assessment
  • Muscular balance
  • Correcting bone and joint alignment
  • Myofascial Compression Technique
  • Recovering from injuries
Backed with sound knowledge and over fifteen years of experience, she helps in limiting the progression and reducing the effects of spinal deformities (kyphosis, scoliosis, lordosis), effecting specific exercise programs (e.g. active correction, task oriented and Pilates exercises, etc), motivating her clients to overcome the obstacles and unhealthy habits for a strong and lasting foundation of awareness and change.